Rustic Dragon and the Fate of the Infinity Rune


Those of you who recall Dungy’s excellent interview with Greg Cato — the winner of the Ultima 6 Immortality Contest (which ultimately saw him immortalized as Greg, the provisioner in Britain in Ultima 7) — will no doubt recall the very rare Infinity Rune that served as the sign that he had won the contest.

The good Mr. Cato auctioned off his Ultima collection back in May of 2013…and I assume that it was this Infinity Rune that Rustic Dragon was thus able to purchase for the kingly sum of $3,000.

Of course, Rustic Dragon is himself now well into the process of selling off his entire Ultima collection…which left him with the dilemma of what to do with the Infinity Rune.

The singularity of the item plus the financial investment made it very difficult in deciding what to do with the precious artifact. Given this, it may come as a shock to thee to learn what I just did with it…

I gave it away.

Yes, thou read that correctly. I simply handed the Rune to someone, smiled, and said “Happy Birthday.” The receiver of the Rune is none other than our liege, Lord British.

Besides, how often can you find a birthday present for Lord British?

It’s nice how things sometimes come full circle, isn’t it?