Ultima: Resurrection Returns; Downloads Available Again

Some years ago — 1998, to be specific, shortly after the release of Ultima OnlineResurrection Dragon decided to merge his love of tabletop role-playing games and his love of Ultima into — what else? — a tabletop role-playing game based on the lore and universe of the Ultima series.

Over the course of several years, after the game’s rules were posted online, Ultima: Resurrection attracted a small collection of fans, testers, and players; Quill Dragon and Rizban of Morn were particularly active members of the Resurrection community, and even wrote new content for the game during their time playing it. However, around 2004, the free service that was being used to host the website for the game was taken offline, and the game’s files became difficult (at best) to obtain.

Which, in turn, explains why Resurrection was never a project hosted on the Codex, or its predecessor Ultima: Aiera; it went offline and became unavailable before Aiera had been completely spun up.

However, in 2016, Resurrection Dragon rediscovered his copies of the game’s documentation, and set up a new website to host them at. Some of the documents have seen some revision since 2004, whereas others are in the same state as they were over a decade ago. Two rulebooks — one for the base game and one for its player-written Age of Shadows expansion — are available, as well as sample character sheets, a quick reference card, a bestiary, and other supplementary information.

You can download the game materials from the Ultima: Resurrection website proper, or from the newly-created project entry here at the Codex.

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  1. Ard Rí Sídhe Dragon says:

    Cool! Now all I need are more Dutch Dragons within driving distance! 😉

  2. Some people would argue that everything in our country is within driving distance 🙂

  3. Still, I wouldn’t mind a recall rune every now and then…