New Gallery: Vesper (From Ultima Forever)


The town of Vesper is inaccessible in the release version of Ultima Forever. Not that it isn’t present in the game; it’s located to the south-east of the Shrine of Sacrifice, but it can’t be accessed by land. Mountains, forests, and even a moongate stand in your way if you try to access it. (I think, assuming Ultima Forever‘s boating system had been preserved, Vesper was supposed to be accessible by sea only.)

However, one of the MYP files for PC alpha version of the game could be opened using EasyMYP…and inside it, I found the map of Vesper.

Exactly what events in the plot of Ultima Forever would have transpired in Vesper remains unknown.

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  1. Infinitron says:

    Once again, there’s a certain resemblance to the U4 Vesper: