Pentagram: Updates and Bug Fixes

The Pentagram website, as Dominus brought to my attention, has been updated twice since the beginning of 2013. On Janary 3rd, WJP posted news of a recent spate of bug fixing:

We started this year with a fix of an eight year old bug causing gradual object leaks. This bug would eventually have unpredictable symptoms including missing objects, broken menus and crashes. Savegames where this leak has not yet reached a critical level will now be automatically repaired when loading them.

A second update, three days later, spoke of a new configuration option:

Further bugfixes this week include two issues with collision detection that could let objects move through walls, and a bug with loading savegames that had a small chance of producing weird behaviour for certain saves. Another visible change is that cheats are now disabled by default. They can be re-enabled by adding cheat=true to the config file.

And here I thought work on the cross-platform Ultima 8 engine had more or less ceased after the most recent round of bug-fixes, which if memory serves took place in 2010. It’s nice to see WJP and the rest of his team are still putting work into the project! (And also, thanks go out to Dominus for pointing out the recent activity.

The Pengatram snapshots for both Windows and OS X were also updated on the 6th, and these can be downloaded either from the Pentagram website or the project entry here.

2 Responses

  1. enderandrew says:

    With all the Ultima Fan projects, I’m shocked there has never been one to recreate the missing Lost Vale expansion. The basic plot is known. And with Pentagram, the new content could be integrated into the game.