The Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Website & Facebook Page Are Live

BioWare Mythic’s Ultima Forever portal has seen some…changes…in the last few hours.

Specifically, the former feature of the site — a brief history of the Ultima series — has been replaced with a registration form and splash page for something called Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. Which, I suspect, we may well be hearing more about tomorrow! A brand new Facebook page for the game has also been launched, although there is precious little there in the way of content at present. Even the main website only bears this cryptic text:

The first great Western RPG has been lovingly restored in Ultima Forever – return to the Ultima series in BioWare’s new cross-platform action RPG. Accept the challenge from Lady British and save the land of Britannia. Play as the Fighter or the Mage and travel alone or with friends, restore virtue and become the Avatar!

Why not register for the upcoming beta today? And also, be sure to check out the Ultima Codex’s mostly-finished Ultima Forever portal, and the handful of pieces of Quest for the Avatar-related art that we’ve been able to amass thus far.

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