Another Ultima Forever Interview – Massively and Paul Barnett

Massively published an interview with Paul Barnett, where he compared Ultima Forever to the Dragon Age and Baldur’s Gate titles:

Barnett compared the game to the hunting areas in older BioWare titles like Baldur’s Gate, and he pointed out that the essence of Ultima Forever is focused on improving your virtues through a BioWare storyline and plenty of dungeoneering. “It’s very much a classic RPG adventure. It’s more in Dragon Age’s territory than that of an MMO,” he explained.

You can also discuss it at our Ultima Forever portal.

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  1. Thepal says:

    Pity Ultima (in its golden age at least) was never about dungeoneering. Oh well.

    (I find it humourous that I’m bouncing from topic to topic defending them in some, then not in others… Probably because Ultima Forever isn’t the type of game I’d play, but it will probably be good for what it is meant to be)