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Bethesda Thursdays

The weekly round-up of news related to Bethesda Softworks and Game Studios, their excellent RPG series (The Elder Scrolls), and any other titles they might be working on or publishing.

GOG’s #noDRM Summer Sale: On Now!

GOG are really waving the “DRM free” banner this year as they kick off their annual summer sale. And rightly so, given the recent resurgence of the DRM debate in light of the Xbox One.

Random Wednesdays

Neverwinter gets a lot of attention this week. And we even hear a peep from Warhorse Studios, who have been fairly quiet in recent months.

Random Wednesdays

It’s the release day for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition! At least on PC…the other platforms will have to wait a bit. Also, some stuff about some other games.

Random Wednesdays

Torchlight 2! But also some other stuff, including some news about a couple Looking Glass games.