Slashware: Ananias 2.4.4 Released & 2017 Rewind

Slashing Dragon has kicked off 2018 with a new update for Ananias, bringing the game to version 2.4.4 on Android and in the web-based version and, more recently, on and Steam. Major changes in this version of the game include:

User Experience

Allow continuing games from older version, warn game wont be saved.
Fix issue with confirming spell selection on mobile\


Add Witch character class and Witchcraft magic school
Limit usage of stat upgrades to 7
Make charm effect only work for 10 to 15 turns
Make summon spells create a single monster by default
Make befriend monster spells higher level
Make sick fountains reduce attack instead of contracting it (allow recovering)

As always, you can grab the updated version of Ananias for free from the Play Store, or via (if you want the Windows, OS X, or Linux version of the game); it’is also playable in your browser of choice. The paid version of the game, which adds community features, is available for Android via the Play Store, or for Windows/Mac/Linux via Steam and And, as of yesterday, the update is also available for iOS; you can grab the paid version on Apple’sApp Store.

And while you’re reading this, might I also suggest that you check out Slash’s 2017 Rewind, which recaps all of his various development goals and achievements for last year?