Corven – Path of Redemption: Team Name Change; New Music; New Landscape Art

The Titans of Ether — the team who had previously been developing Ultima IX: Redemption, before putting that project aside in favour of creating Corven – Path of Redemption — have rebranded; they are now known as Lycantic:

Welcome to our new homepage / domain! Our new team name is Lycantic and our new domain is and the old domain will not be updated anymore, so please make sure to update your bookmarks!

Twitter handle: @LycanticCorven
Youtube link:
Facebook link:

Thank you for you continued interest and support!

Additionally, they have released some new artwork and music from Corven. You can see the artwork, a landscape piece done by a freelancer who goes by the handle Rune, above; to check out the soundtrack sample, you’ll have to click on through to the news update.