Underworld Exporter: Ultima Underworld in Unity Playthrough

Hank Morgan has continued working on and improving his Underworld Exporter — a utility that, as the name suggests, exports Ultima Underworld game data from the original files into a Unity project — over the last few months. Recently (well, January), he released a video showing off a near-complete playthrough of Ultima Underworld in Unity, which can be viewed above.

His notes on the playthrough are as follows:

Play-through of Ultima Underworld in Unity.

I attempted to beat the game here but had to abandon it when I destroyed a quest object due to an inventory bug near the end.

Infinite magic on. Character stats set to max. No combat tuning done so I use spells to speed things up.
At the moment everything is pre-built via map model export and scripted object importer. It doesn’t use UW game files to run at this time. Therefore no public release. Sorry.

You can, of course, find the latest files for Underworld Exporter — source code, releases, etc. — at the project’s GitHub page. The master repository, as well as the most recent Unity build, can also be found at the project entry here at the Codex.