Check Out This Ultima 3 Map Made With Ultima 5’s Tileset

Enlightenment Dragon has created a version of the map of Sosaria, circa Ultima 3, using tiles from Ultima 5:

So umm… I had free time so I finished this Ultima3 map using the U5 tileset I had extracted last year (assembled in Excel)… Here’s a PNG of it, make sure to zoom for maximum quality. Cheers !

Now, the version of the image uploaded to Facebook was a) a JPEG and not a PNG, and b) horribly compressed, as all Facebook images are. But he graciously released the full version of the image for us to host here:

Ultima 3 Map With Ultima 5 Tiles

Who knew you could do this with a Microsoft Office product?

I have to say, the result is pretty impressive given the software used to create it.