Ananias: Version 1.79 Released

To ring in the new year, Slashing Dragon has released version 1.79 of Ananias. Big changes in this version include:

  • Character Creation: You can now customize your character’s appearance and tweak its starting stats.
  • Hardcore Mode: Is the game too easy for you? this mode bring stronger enemies which will storm you to death! A separate graveyard is available for it.
  • Rune Portals: I have wanted to remove stairs for a long time since they didn’t really fit in the theme (why can’t I go back?) Now you’ll have to explore the level to find the runes and activate the portal to go into the next level.

The standard (free) version of Ananias is, as usual, available to play in your browser right now, or on your Android device via Google Play, and should soon be available for Windows, OS X, and Linux via The Fellowship Edition (paid) version of the game, meanwhile, is available for Android as well, and for Windows, OS X, and Linux via

Be sure to check out Slash’s article about the version 1.79 update for complete change notes. And while you’re there, have a read of his Slashware 2016 Rewind post, in which he recaps all of the various projects he worked on during the last year.