Ananias: Version 1.76 Released


Slashing Dragon released version 1.76 of Ananias — his roguelike for web, PC, and Android mobile devices — a few days ago. You can grab this update from Google, or just play it online.

Regarding the gulf of time between this release and its predecessor, Slash had this to say:

It’s been over two months since the last release of Ananias. I had set myself the goal of the next version going straight into Steam.

Alas, I have to change plans again… I jumped into some projects and I don’t feel I can handle the workload of the release and all that is related to it while responding to these other projects responsibly.

However, I have to say this is very close to the scope I have planned for Steam. May be next version will finally be it? I have been saying this for months now.

So…don’t hold your breath for the Steam version of the game, basically. However, despite the shift in focus — or, more likely, because of it — Slash was able to add a few new features to the game:

There were some important internal changes, specially in the packaging system (Using Cordova and Crosswalk without passing thru for much quicker development and release). They are likely to break things so I hope players are patient.

I also added an in-game manual (also accessible from the website, here). Bits of it are generated directly from the game source code, in order to keep it up to date! The wiki was also updated, with data generated from the game.

Another big thing is that you can now also generate tombstones for your characters and share them with your friends.


As usual, there’s a plethora of change notes to be found in the update from Slash, so why not click on through to read the rest?