Shroud of the Avatar: Last Early Concept Art Pieces From Denis Loubet

Denis Loubet has posted the last pieces from his collection of early Shroud of the Avatar character concept art to the Ultima Dragons Facebook group. The first is a full-colour image of a character type called the Dignitary:

I’ve been saving the best for last.

Here is my absolute favorite of the early Shroud of the Avatar character concepts. This gentleman has all the steampunk cool rolled into one outfit.

He’s got the self-satisfied expression and casual stance that all empire-builders should have, in addition to the long coat and leather spats. And The Hat. The Hat is to die for.


The second expands upon the same character set with a pair of sketches:

Last of the early Shroud of the Avatar character concept art. I like how the radiant shirt is continued on his Jacket, and how the peacock-like gown creates an interesting silhouette.


In his second post, Loubet also teased what his next series of Shroud of the Avatar-related images will comprise:

I’ll start posting the few architectural concepts I did next. Stay tuned.

As always, you can get early access to this material — and other Denis Loubet-created artwork — by supporting him on Patreon.