Matt Chat: Paul Neurath Discusses Underworld Ascendant With Matt Barton

Matt Barton has evidently mended fences with OtherSide Entertainment, and was quite happy to sit down with Paul Neurath for…well, this appears to be the first in a series of chats about Underworld Ascendant:

This week’s episode is the first installment of an hour-long interview with Paul Neurath of Otherside Entertainment, and also the founder of Blue Sky Productions and Looking Glass Studios. Paul has an extensive resume of excellent games, including Ultima Underworld, Thief, and System Shock just to name a few.

In this segment, we chat about Underworld Ascendant, focusing on what will set it apart from its predecessors.

As this episode is just over half an hour in length, presumably there’s one more piece of it yet to be released. One wonders what the topic(s) of discussion therein might be?