Ultima Online: Vice vs. Virtue Banners Revealed



It was purely by chance that I checked out the Ultima Online Facebook page this evening, whereat I noticed this post (which featured both of the images visible above):

Here is what those new VvV banners look like. Pretty cool I thought.

The art should seem familiar, and for good reason; these banners have all been created from artwork created for — and featured in, while it was still online — Ultima Forever. The Virtue banner is comprised of the eight Virtue tarot cards, while the Vice banner features several of the Major Arcana cards that Mythic created to expand upon the traditional character creation card-casting idea.

It’s kind of bittersweet, but it is nice to see some of the frankly amazing art that was created for Ultima Forever getting a second chance to shine. Kudos to the team at Broadsword Online Games for this keen re-use of game assets!