The Ultima 6 Project: German Translation In the Works, English Compendium Released

I don’t know how I missed this, but there it is: Sir John Dragon and Tribun Dragon (and possibly others?) are working on a German-language translation of the Ultima 6 Project, based on earlier work done by Cosiran Dragon.

The current status of the project is…pretty good, actually: almost the entirety of the world, as well as the journal, has been translated. Various graphics still need to be translated, as well as the Compendium, but it would appear that Sir John and Tribun are making excellent progress. The latest release — version 0.8 — is available for download at the project site, and I’ll be adding it to the project entry here later this evening if I get the chance. You can also check out this thread at the Project Britannia forums for more details.

As well, Tribun has released the English edition of his re-worked version of Ultima 6’s Compendium. He has adjusted the text of the book where necessary to reflect differences in the game resulting from the use of the Dungeon Siege engine. Overall, however, he has done exceedingly well in replicating the style and layout of the original work. And yes…a German translation is, per the above, in the works.

Grab the new Compendium at the project entry!