Zeph’s Ultima Textures for Minecraft Updated As Well!

Zeph Grey has also updated his Ultima-inspired texture pack for Minecraft!

Though he missed his Halloween goal, he nevertheless put a lot of effort into this latest release, and is happy to present it to the Ultima fandom:

I finally went back and did the leaves on all the trees, and several other things by expanding my inspiration to Martian Dreams and Savage Empire. (both sharing enough stylistically to fit well I think) I’ll probably have another update in not too long. There were some things that I couldn’t test due to bugs in the 1.4.2 release, and I haven’t taken on some of the new UIs (there are a lot in this one) But it’s already been out for a few weeks, and I wanted to push it out the door before I got lost in minutia.

He sent along a couple new screenshots as well, of both the interior and exterior textures that are new or have changed. These can be found at the project entry, of course, along with the latest version of the texture pack for download.