Zeph’s Ultima Textures for Minecraft Updated

It’s been a good few months since we last heard from Zeph, but he has published another update to his Ultima Textures for Minecraft just in time for fall.

He has redone all the armour textures, as well as gem and ore textures. Some of the weapons also received a touch-up, in addition to a number of other changes necessary to make the texture package compliant with the current version of Mojang’s blockbuster (yeah, I went there) hit.

You can grab the latest version of the texture pack (as well as check out a handful of new screenshots) at the project entry on the Inspired Works subdomain. And keep your eyes peeled for a Halloween update!

8 Responses

  1. Griff Morivan says:

    I’ve been trying to track down an answer for a little while. Has any progress been made to WTF Dragon’s Minecraft Britannia map build?

  2. WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

    Uh…MY Minecraft Britannia map build?

    I think I’d remember working on one of those.

    Can you describe the project in more detail? Was it this one: http://inspired.ultimacodex.com/britannia-in-minecraft/?

    • Griff Morivan says:

      I thought it was yours, I dug it up just now and was mistaken.


      Apologies for the confusion! It appears you posted about it, and that’s where my confusion stemmed. Still, I’m very much interested in working out this piece, even if only using it to be a kicking off point for a world. Thank you!

      • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

        Ah! That one.

        I’ll ask him about it.

      • ZephaniahGrey says:

        Life has been jam-packed lately, leaving me with not nearly as much free time as I’d like. Pixel art is quick to pick up and complete, so the texture pack gets a lot of the love these days. But I do still ponder the fate of my map (usually during down-time at work when I can’t actually WORK on it) so here’s the state of my not-so-little map:

        Right now I’m somewhere between finishing off what I started (the entire main continent is sculpted, just need to do the various islands) and actually starting over completely to take what I learned thus far and doing it better the second time. Also due to a strangeness of the editor I’m using, the cardinal directions are rotated 90 degrees. (Sun sets in the North) And that’s bugging the living hell out of me. Looking to see if there’s a way to fix that without starting over. Maybe with a separate program.

        Any way I go, it’ll be a while to finish. And that’s just the landmass. Trying to decide how to go about the cities and dungeons, if I want to go there at all. I might just release the map and let the community build as they will, or if we really wanted to get communal, I could get a server running and organize a team…but that’s a pipe dream. XD

        Thanks for the interest though! It’s awesome that someone remembers my nostalgic meanderings. I’ll figure out what to do official-ish soon. It’s this kind of prodding that gets me working!

      • Griff Morivan says:

        For what it’s worth offering, if you have detailed floor maps of dungeons, I can make them, since the floors themselves don’t have to be huge, should it ever get to that point. I found the original post about a week ago and was freaking ecstatic. I’m a huge Ultima fan, so I saw it and geeked out.

        If it should come to fruition, I would absolutely love to hear more, or get a download. Thank you so much for following up with me.

  3. Velkator says:


    I was thinking of trying to make Britannia in Minecraft myself, and was thinking of ways to do this the best way. So I searched around some and I stumbled on to this site 😀
    Of course I should have expected more people are trying and have tried to do this daunting task. And indeed there are…
    I’ve just got a rough height map of Britannia and been tinkering around some with it in WorldPainter. Saves a lot of work of course, but there’s still a ton to fix.

    I’m wondering how far along are you guys? Also I’d love to join a MC server with you guys and work on this with you all. I don’t have a ton of time myself with all the RL stuff going on, but if we’re a few more people I’m sure it would make a big difference. If anything it would be a good place to just share ideas etc.
    I am working on a map from Ultima Online atm, as it’s what I have played the most of any Ultima game. What version are you guys doing?
    Do any of you have any pictures of your current work so far?

    Would love to hear from you.

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      Hi there!

      I will see if I can get Zeph’s attention and have him take a look at your question. He’s had to back off of some of his projects, but he might have some insight to offer even so.