BioWare Mondays

The Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3, which was teased a while ago, was given a release date last week; we’ll all be able to explore what is rumoured to be the story of a rogue Reaper on August 28th. Well, most of us will…for some odd reason, people playing the game on PlayStation 3 in Europe only will have to wait until the 29th. Because mua ha ha, that’s why. Here’s hoping the new DLC can boost the otherwise kind of pitiful completion rate for ME3!

Is Mass Effect 2 one of the greatest games ever made? It’s certainly a good game, though I’d hesitate to go so far as to list it among the greatest. Well…maybe I’d go that far, but I’d have to see how long a list I’m allowed to write first. Honestly, I still prefer the original Mass Effect to its two sequels. Though to be fair, it was only in Mass Effect 2 that you could pull off space graffiti

Command & Conquer: Generals 2 was, in effect, re-announced last week, this time as a free-to-play title. It’s actually being released as the flagship title in what Electronic Arts is evidently hoping will be an ongoing series of C&C titles across all three of the franchise’s established timelines (Tiberium, Red Alert, and Generals). The game won’t feature a single-player campaign at launch, however; multiplayer is going to pave the way.

A new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic was shown at GamesCom, which took place in Germany this past week. Not everyone was impressed. Still, it was announced that new content, including a new planet, would be coming to the game, which is certainly interesting. Honestly, I’m looking forward to playing the game again, once the single-player campaign is available as free-to-play. (I maintain my usual steadfast disinterest in its MMORPG elements.)

Oh, and in an interesting footnote, it would appear that many of those let go by BioWare Austin in recent months were picked up by Firefall developer Red 5. Good for them!

Now, here’s something that I’m sure many of you will wince and/or scream at: according to BioWare Montreal director of online development Fernando Melo, some players actually want day-one DLC. Which, I suppose, is technically true: most would want it in the game to begin with. (I’m a bit more sanguine about it, personally, though I can understand the frustration many feel with the concept.)

The big news this week — or rather, the big news letdown — was Dragon Age 3, however. Thanks to a typo, the game was briefly listed as being on the docket for GamesCom, and shortly thereafter some supposed plot details about the game surfaced. The French-themed land of Orlais is rumoured to be the game’s setting (which I suppose would make sense), and a fake logo (and probably fake survey question set) were also released. One of the possible titles of the game is apparently Inquisition, but don’t put any stock in that rumour just yet.

Here’s one piece of DA3 news you can take to the bank, however: BioWare are looking for artists to help develop the game.

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