Ultima Forever Frequently Asked Questions

So you probably have a lot of questions about Ultima Forever, such as
– How does it relate to Ultima IV?
– Do you have to buy anything to complete it?
– Are the virtues important?
– What is UF not?
– Can it be played by solo players?
– What’s the largest group size?

If you wonder about any of those, or have other questions, then check out the link below.

Ultima Forever Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Forever.UltimaCodex.com).

If you’d like to discuss Ultima Forever in general, a forum thread at our Ultima Forever portal has been started. The account you have here for posting comments or forum posts automatically works at the UF portal.

14 Responses

  1. Infinitron says:

    Holy propaganda, Batman.

    • Deckard says:

      No, it’s called sitting down and looking at what’s actually been officially said and putting it together for people to see. You’ve seen some of what I’ve publicly written about UO, I’m the last person that would do propaganda for EA. I’m somebody who is actually giving EA money for UO right now. Trust me, I’m not happy with the state of UO and the lack of direction.

      As for Ultima Forever, there are a lot of rumors and misconceptions out there, as befitting a brand new Ultima game, especially one being released under BioWare. There are UO players who are afraid this is supposed to replace UO or that staff was pulled from UO. There are people who don’t understand the Lady British/Lord British thing, etc.

      • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

        This is something that’ll be updated as information becomes (or can become) available. For now, it’s a summary of what information about the game is publicly available, collected into one place.

      • Thepal says:

        Not that I disagree with you, but what is officially said can also be propaganda. Some things in the FAQ I don’t necessarily believe are true. I’ve stopped using the term “MMO” for the game, but what is an MMO? I believe the most common definition involves a game that hundreds/thousands of people can play at the same time. Some also say it has to be persistent or an RPG. This game is all of those things (the FAQ even says so). So saying “It is not an MMO” is incorrect.

        But on the other hand, anyone saying the Aiera/Codex is just spouting propaganda is wrong. Some people here know more than others. I don’t think anyone is blindly following Mythic along. People are going to have differing opinions over the game, and how Ultimaish it is. But we’ve always disagreed on what makes an Ultima. Hearing people say in an Ultima you need to “bake bread” always makes me insane. For others it was the first thing they would say when describing Ultima.

      • Deckard says:

        It’s a hazy area on the MMO side of things, since Barnett said that parties were limited to 4 people. gameplay consists primarily of four-person parties and various dungeon crawls set in the world of Britannia.

        That’s not massive in any sense. That to me means the dungeons are specifically designed for up to 4 players. There is a vast difference between designing a dungeon for 1-4 players, and a dungeon in say UO where you could have 20 or 30 players.

        There are people who know more, but they would be breaking non-disclosure agreements.

      • Thepal says:

        Most MMOs don’t allow giant parties for most quests. Many instances are based off 4 or so players.

      • Infinitron says:

        There are things in the FAQ that definitely are untrue in my estimation…but alas, my NDA.

      • Deckard says:

        When NDAs are lifted, people can feel free to correct anything that was said publicly that they believe to be wrong.

      • ZephaniahGrey says:

        I don’t know about true or untrue, but I do know that my opinions are simmering under this NDA. There’s an awful lot I’d like to say.

      • The only things I can see that you might take offense to are how they are handling the virtues, which is actually better than I was expecting, and the macro bar/twitch combat, which I don’t think will be a problem once grouping and rebalancing is done (but was a little more twitchy than I wanted in alpha).

        Regardless, most of the negative opinions I’ve seen are due to either it’s alpha state or bias against the developer companies. I think very little will be relevant once you start playing, and learn to ignore placeholder text that is obviously alpha in nature. (basing that on other comments, not any specific content)

      • Micro Magic says:

        If you have opinions on the game, and can’t talk about what those opinions are. Just let it out to EA. I can only imagine good things coming from that.

  2. xar8 says:

    I want to know if they’ll have a version you can purchase so we can get a cloth map and other collectible Ultima goodies..

  3. Lost says:

    I am having trouble being excited about this game. At best it will bring the Ultima Franchise back in the spotlight… but for it to be free it will be “freemium” and I have never encountered a “freemium” title whose every mechanic is not horribly slanted to entice you to spend money.

    Plus Ultima IV is one of those rare cases in RPGs where the main quest is NOT a generic “defeat the badguy(s), save the world” quest but rather something far more meaningful. Will Bioware/EA whose entire RPG catalog (while excellent games in their own right) still heavily uses this central “badguy” plot element, realize that the absence of this plot element is what makes Ultima IV so unique.

    • Duke says:

      Well they specifically chose Ultima IV as a starting point, so presumably they know what it is that made Ultima IV great.