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Exult: The State of Exult

In a lengthy update, Dominus from the Exult team explains why the project hasn’t progressed much of late, and hints at the need for new team members.

Exult: New Snapshot Builds; Stop Using Version 1.2!

In an update to the Exult website — the first in nearly two years — we are informed that development on the project has more or less halted for the time being, and that the current snapshot builds are very stable. As such, everyone who can is encouraged to stop using version 1.2 of the engine.

Exult on iOS!

Android ports of Exult, the cross-platform Ultima 7 engine, have existed for a while now, but Lanica Dragon has undertaken the effort of porting the engine to Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Richard Garriott: On the Wall in Moscow

Dominus, from the Exult team, had the chance to visit Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, as well as Star City — where the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) is located. Richard Garriott, having traveled into space with the Russians, is present in the displays at the museum.