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Wing Commander 4 Released on

After far too long a wait, has released the fourth game in the Wing Commander series; Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom is available for the steal-of-a-deal price of $5.99 right now!

Epic Mickey 2: Coming to PC

There is a rumour that Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey 2 may be coming to PC, and that a rather absurdly large number of people are working on making it happen.

Wasteland 2: An Interesting Twist

Brian Fargo has announced that, if the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project hits the $2.1 million fundraising mark, inXile Entertainment will collaborate with Obsidian on the game’s design.

Good Old Games Is Now

Good Old Games has rebranded itself, and is now known simply as They’ll still be selling all of the great classics of yesterday, but may feature newer titles as well in the future.

Ray Muzyka Speaks Out About Mass Effect 3

Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare, has published a blog post at the BioWare blog to offer his thoughts on the success of Mass Effect 3 and the controversy surrounding its ending.