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Concerning Neverwinter

On one hand, it sounds like any other MMORPG, albeit with a toolkit allowing modest amounts of player-generated content to be incorporated into the larger game. On the other hand…is this something?

Beamdog Asked EA About HD Ultima Remakes

Beamdog, who are currently working on a HD remake of Baldur’s Gate, apparently approached EA about remaking the Ultima games. And they’d also be interested in working on an update to Icewind Dale.

Do RPGs Require a Foozle?

Rowan Kaiser, writing at the Escapist, examines the small number of significant games that eschewed the typical RPG formula of presenting the character with a final boss or villain to fight.

GamesRadar’s Tabula Rasa Articles

I don’t know whether it was a glitch or intentional, but a couple of days ago I noticed that several articles from 2006 and 2007 had crept in to the GamesRader RSS feed.