Sir Cabirus’ Ultima Underworld Walkthroughs Updated

Sir Cabirus Dragon has, for quite some time, maintained one of the best Ultima Underworld walkthroughs available on the Internet. And recently, he made a number of changes and updates thereto:

After the release of my Ultima Underworld 2 walkthrough I wasn’t satisfied with my Ultima Underworld 1 walkthrough any longer. The Ultima Underworld 2 walkthrough has bigger pictures which one can invoke from the different maps. And these pictures are shown more centred. The Underworld 1 walkthrough had smaller pictures which appeared in the upper left corner of the browser.

Therefore I decided to make a major reworking of the Underworld 1 walkthrough. I resized 209 pictures and movies, changed 20 pages for the new resolution and corrected some errors. I also added some new screenshots and movies.

The reworking of my walkthrough is dedicated to Optician Dragon / Mark Morris who passed away in 2012. Optician was my main proofreader back in the days when I created this walkthrough the first time. Rest in peace my friend – see ya on the funway!

So, if you’ve been struggling to make your way through either Underworld game…you know where to go.