OpenArthurianX6: Development Updates

Slashing Dragon has written another development update blog post, detailing recent progress that has been made on the OpenArthurianX6 RPG engine…over the last month or so, as it turns out:

Forgot to post here about the latest development of OpenArthurian which actually happened around a month ago
After that first dev stream I mentioned on the last entry, I did 5 more

Adding Ranged Attacks
Adding Party Members
Controlling Party Members
Pathfinding, Day/Night cycle
More Pathfinding, level edition

Combat is almost done now, pending only adding some projectile effects for ranged combat. Next up is working on level transitions and the chunked world model.

Exodus Destiny also did some work on the game, finishing a first iteration of the Talk module as well as the Pick up / Drop functions (along with the Inventory)

And after over a month of radio silence on the project’s Indiegogo page, Slash has posted a couple updates there within the past few days:

Hey, hello all!

There hasn’t been a LOT of work since last update, however Juan Camilo finished a first iteration of the Pick up / Drop functions (along with the Inventory) which is looking pretty neat.…

As I mentioned in my blog, this month I wasn’t able to work a lot in the project since I went to San Francisco for the Roguelike Celebration and there’s another private game dev project I’m working on. HOWEVER! we still have plans to have the first alpha version released on December!

I’m also planning on the development of the community website containing tutorials and allowing people to share their creations.

Work on day/night cycles, pathfinding and map editing

Whoops, I checked back and there’s actually some fun things I worked on this month so check the out 🙂 Pathfinding and day/night cycle More pathfinding, some level edition
More cool stuff to be posted soon!

OpenArthurianX6, you may recall, is an Ultima 6-like game engine, which Slashing Dragon and Exodus Destiny Dragon successfully crowdfunded a few months ago.