OpenArthurianX6: Dev News and Dev Streams

Slashing Dragon has posted several updates to the OpenArthurianX6 Classic RPG Engine page on Indiegogo, letting us know what sort of progress he and Exodus Destiny Dragon have been making on the project since its successful crowdfunding campaign wrapped up.

Hello fellow contributors. A lot of things have been going on!

I have been working on the combat system and it’s progressing along greatly. Next up is making ranged combat and player party work.

Camilo also did a great work on the Dialogs system and finished the first iteration of it. He’s now working at the Inventory system.

You can check all of it at our first development stream at youtube here

And since that first stream, several more have been published:

In case you have missed them, I’ve published some devstreams of the development of the game! You can check them out here:

So far basic combat is working, and party members follow you around and attack your enemies. And you can also control them in combat.

Next up for me is doing some tweaks on combat, then I’ll work on map transitions.

Camilo finished the first iteration of dialogs and is now working on the inventory system.

Slash, for his part, also posted a development update on his blog:

So far I’ve been working on the combat system mostly. The game features an hybrid action mode, the “mobs” move around the grid based map, deciding what to do every x millisecond (at first restricted to moving around or sitting idle). First task I took was allowing the transition to combat mode, in which the mobs take turns to act.

To achieve this, I added a synchronization phase where all mobs finish their moves before the actual combat state is established.

Next up was adding the “attack” action, but in order to make it work, a major refactor on how the actions flowed was done. Everything was changed to use promises instead of timers. This will allow to more easily add other actions in the future as well as parallel input modes (keyboard/mouse)

You’ll want to click on through to read the whole thing.