The Ultima Dragons Fidget Spinners Have Been Fully Funded

Gallara Dragon’s crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of Ultima Dragons-branded Fidget Spinners wrapped up earlier this week, having raised $2,188 USD in total. This amount is far in excess of the initial $550 USD funding goal, which means a couple of things for those of you who supported the campaign. For starters, it means better Fidget Spinners:

HUGE huge thanks to everyone who contributed to or spread the word about this campaign! Late Sunday night, we rounded out the UDIC Fidget Spinner fundraiser with almost 400% of goal on the books. This is phenomenal and a testament to this awesome community. Every contribution helps to bring us together!

As a result of our success, we’re going to get a higher quality spinner than the one I originally had quoted! The new version will have a bigger printed logo, more durable plastic, and a faster, smoother-spinning aluminum alloy bearing. I’m really excited to bring these high-quality spinners to the UDIC. I’ll show off the new proof as soon as I have it!

It also means that everyone who backed the campaign gets a keychain and a button:

Now every spinner order will also include both one pinback button and one anodized aluminum keychain that can be personalized

I’m looking forward to getting mine; my kids are quite into Fidget Spinners these days, and it’ll be nice to kit them out with UDIC-branded ones.