Slashing Dragon is Crowfunding an Ultima 6-Like Game Engine

No, that’s not a screenshot from some long-lost part of Ultima 6. Rather, it’s a screenshot from a newly-announced project that Slashing Dragon and Exodus Destiny Dragon are attempting to raise funding for – the OpenArthurianX6 Classic RPG Engine:

We are slashie and jucarave (a.k.a Slashing Dragon and Exodus Destiny Dragon from the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter UDIC). We are two game developers who love classic RPGs and we have quite a bit of indie game development experience behind, including Ananias Roguelike (a game available on Steam, iOS and Android with over 100.000 installs), a gamedev youtube channel with over 1700 subscribers and many other game projects done for the past 10 years or so.

In the past, we have worked together in a couple of fan projects including a 3D dungeon crawler remake of Ultima 4 (Stygian Abyss), and a demake of Ultima VIII into an even more classic engine. (Morgaelin)

For a long time, we have wanted to create a tool which allows fans from classic game franchises to bring their reconstruction and fan projects into reality. With your help this can be a reality!

We are planning to create an open source game engine from scratch with which you’ll be able to create your own adventures. It will come packed with ready to use content based on Denzi’s cc-by-sa  3.0 oblique tileset, so you can jump straight into map making, NPC design and scripting to develop your game.

You can see demonstrations of the engine here (we’ll be posting more as development goes onward with your contributions)

They are attempting to raise at least $2,000 USD via Indiegogo, for which sum they feel they can do the following:

We will deliver a free, open source game engine which you can readily use for your project including a content pack (Medieval Fantasy). This version of the engine would not include any tools to manage your game data (characters, monsters, object definitions), everything would be done at code level using data files and Tiled.

If they can raise more than just $2,000, however, they have a few additional goals in mind:

  • $3.000 – Game editor including Objects and Monsters managers
  • $4.000 – Full game editor including Character and Magic System managers.
  • Beyond – each 500$ will be used to create a new themed content pack (Space, Modern, Futuristic, Western, Steampunk, etc.)

You can back OpenArthurianX6 on Indiegogo right now; $5 USD will ensure you get your name in the credits, while $50 USD is the minimum spend to gain access to beta versions of the engine.