Ananias Roguelike: Version 2.4 Released

Slashing Dragon released version 2.4 of Ananias, his cross-platform roguelike, in mid-June. As per usual, you can buy it for different platforms from a number of online storefronts. The Standard Edition can of course be played online, right now, via the official web version (or via Newgrounds or GameJolt); the Android port can be obtained via the Play Store, and the WindowsOS X, and Linux ports can be obtained from The paid Fellowship Edition, meanwhile, can be obtained for Android from the Play Store as well; the iOS version is available from the App Store, and the WindowsOS X, and Linux ports can be found at either Steam or

So…what’s different in this version of the game? Here, at least, are the notable gameplay changes:

  • New skill for Alchemist: Can use reagents multiple times
  • New spell: Momi Gyr (Create Arrows) first circle of Matter magic. Creates a pack of arrows (quantity depends on the magic power)
  • New spell: Rew Ram (Attack self) first cirlce of Mind magic. Makes an enemy attack himself once (works as a ranged attack for wizards)
  • Remove separate spells to recover blunt and edge weapons, add weaker variation of repair weapon
  • Make Hunter start with Momi Gyr spell.
  • Make Arcane start with Rew Ram spell.
  • Reduce MP cost of Kam Va (enchant wand) spell.
  • Change Hunter magic schools to second circle of life and matter.
  • Change Hunter starting magic power to 1.
  • Make starting wands have full charge
  • Cap combat to 13 max

Click on through to read the complete change notes.