Ultima Underworld Demo in Unreal Engine 4: Sort Of an Update

MROB76U hasn’t posted an update on his attempt to remake the Ultima Underworld demo, in VR, using Unreal Engine 4 in quite some time. And really, this brief update from him isn’t an update on the project per se. But it gives an indication of where he aims to take things, even so:

Ok so again it has been a while since my last post. Just to show you my new toy. I got one of the new Vive trackers. The best use case I could come up with was a way to track the upper body. This would enable me to do true decoupled locomotion from the headset orientation and also allow me to lock virtual items to my body like a utility belt, holster. Arrow quiver or sword sheith and have it stay oriented to my body and not the headset. Here is how I attached it.

Click on through to check out the images of the HTC Vive, with the trackers attached.