The Ultima 6 Nitpicker’s Patch: Help Proofread the Quenton Murder Quest

Sir John has made some progress on developing a means of solving Quenton’s murder in Ultima 6, which he plans to incorporate into his Nitpicker’s Delight Patch in the future. However, he needs some help with it:

I finally came round to putting something together that makes the quest solvable. For now, the sidequest plot is only incorporated in the German Language Patch Translation I’m doing and in heavy beta-testing there. Once this is done, I will update the Nitpickers Patch with the same logic.

Nonetheless I already put together the dialogues I will need for making this work in the original game. And since I was so bold as to believe, that might be an interesting read for some of you, I put everything in a pdf, blatantly and overrating calling it „design document“ *ggg*

The (English) PDF contains the plot design, some technical stuff and all English dialogues I intend to use. If you are bored enough to actually read it, may I ask you a favour? please check the dialogues I put together for any mistakes I might have left there for you to find. And if you can think of a better way to express any text in there, please feel free to send in corrections and suggestions. my contact details can be found at the end of the document.

BIG SPOILER WARNING: the document contains all there is to the quest. If you do not want to spoil the fun experiencing it in-game do NOT read it and wait for the Nitpickers Patch to be updated

Click on through to grab a copy of the design document for this quest line, and submit your feedback to Sir JohnI guess via the comments form beneath that post via email (his email address is in the design document, as Rustic Dragon pointed out to me).