How Are the Ultima Dragons Celebrating Ultima 7 This Week?

As one would of course expect, the Ultima Dragons have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ultima 7 in a variety of ways.

For example, Slashing Dragon decided — as is his wont — to give the opening sequence of The Black Gate the demake treatment:

Someone mentioned today is Ultima VII 25th anniversary, so I thought it would be the best time to play a bit of U7’s C64 port, having lots of fun so far!

Chris Brockhouse, meanwhile, put together a fun little web app that pits the Avatar, Dupre, Shamino, and Iolo against Batlin and his allies in the final battle of the game. As he explains it:

25th anniversary hey? Neat – I remember when we got it on PC. Didn’t want to have to go to school as I was (and remain) completely and utterly enthralled by the game.

Here’s something my brother and I made for a bit of a laugh. Appearances may vary depending on your browser but the latest Edge/Chrome/Firefox versions should work nicely. Should even work on the Xbox One browser on your big screen TV

Hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

The weapon loadouts of most of the characters changes with each iteration of the battle, which plays out automatically (there’s no user input/control). In my various watchings of it, Batlin and the Fellowship have prevailed every time, but I’m sure that for some of you the Avatar will triumph.

Luke Hsu shared a few photos of his Chinese-language edition of Ultima 7’s game box and contents.

And finally, Soryu Dragon decided to give Ultima 7 another playthrough, on his vintage 486DX2-66.

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  1. I’ve been streaming a complete play-through of Ultima IV:Quest of the Avatar on my Twitch channel.