Even More Arthurian Legends Plot Documents!

This isn’t directly Ultima 7-related, but when one is short on content to celebrate something like a game’s 25th anniversary, one posts what one has. And arguably, Arthurian Legends was slated to be built using the Ultima 7 engine, so it’s not like we can say these documents are entirely unrelated to The Black Gate. So, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of that game, the Ultima Codex is pleased to present a number of additional plot documents for Arthurian Legends!

You’ll all likely recall the Arthurian Legends – Plot Plan document was released a few months ago; this was a basic outline of the game’s introductory sequence, and was prepared by Brian Martin and Sheri Hobbs.

New documents, released today, include:

  • Arthurian Legends – Expanded Plot Objectives – A skeletal document that outlines how documentation and design for quests should be formatted. This was prepared by Prem Krishnan.
  • Arthurian Legends – Cannibal Giant – A planned quest in Arthurian Legends, “…one of the healing abbey quests.” The plan was that, “when this quest [was] solved, the PC [could] receive healing at the abbey for a small donation instead of the quest.” The premise of this quest was “that a giant [was] abducting local village children and eating them. The PC [would have to] rescue what children are left and defeat the giant.” This was also prepared by Prem Krishnan.
  • Arthurian Legends – Sir Brewnor’s Tale – A short quest, planned for Arthurian Legends, that would have given the player the choice to take sides in a random encounter. This was prepared by Sheri Hobbs.
  • Arthurian Legends – Sir Gareth’s Tale – This document “details the PC’s encounters with Sir Gareth and the Lady Lynet. It also provides some of Sir Gareth’s background for use in fleshing out other quests and conversations (particularly with any of Camelot’s kitchen staff).” This is probably the most interesting of the documents in the archive, because it gives a number of details about areas that would have been included in Arthurian Legends. This was also prepared by Prem Krishnan.
  • Arthurian Legends – The Ghost of Gorlois – A short quest, planned for Arthurian Legends, that would have seen the player dealing with ghosts haunting an abbey in the game. This was also prepared by Prem Krishnan.

As always, download and enjoy these documents; pore over them and look for all the interesting little details that are contained therein. The Ultima Codex is grateful to Joe Garrity and the Origin Museum for unearthing these files, and to Sheri Graner Ray for handing over the diskettes on which they were found.