Ananias Roguelike: Version 2.3 Released

Slashing Dragon has released version 2.3 of Ananias, his roguelike for…a rather wide array of platforms, actually.

A lot of work went into adding support for Steam achievements using the excellent Greenworks library. This version includes 37 achievements and there are 10 additional ones I couldn’t add due to the API for progressive achievements not being available on Greenworks; the addition doesn’t look overly complex, however I would need to set up a complete dev env for it (right now I’m using their precompiled binaries).

The challenges are not steam exclusive, but they are only tracked right now on Steam (that means you’ll still see when you complete them on any other version, but they won’t be added to your profile).

I also bumped the version of nw.js to 0.20.3 (I think I had to do it in order for greenworks to work). This increased the size of the downloadable packages for desktop quite a bit.

The latest version of Ananias can be obtained on, as noted, many different platforms, through a variety of storefronts:

Slash also cautions that this may be the last Ananias release we see for a bit:

I think I’ve ran out of Steam to work on Ananias for the moment… it’s been such a long time, and I’ve got a couple of projects to work in (for $$$) and also the rebirth of Expedition keeps haunting me day and night. Although the backlog is filled with feedback from players, I don’t think I’ll be able to tackle their suggestion for some months, so it’s now on maintenance mode where I’ll only be fixing critical issues.

Full change notes for this version of the game can, of course, be found on Slash’s blog.