Ananias Roguelike: Version 2.2 Released; GDC and UDIC25 Reports

Slashing Dragon has had a busy couple of weeks! To begin with, he was able to release version 2.2 of Ananias:


  • Make pets always obey commands.
  • Make enemies check if player is waiting at the other side of the room before walking into it.
  • Remove penalty for damage for ranged weapons and wands when low on ammo / charges.
  • Reduce power up for boost elemental magic.
  • Change MP cost of elemental spells

User Experience

  • Remove force sound disable from mobile, make it an option on the launcher
  • Preserve preselected layout on mobile if game saved
  • Prevent casting spells when character has no magic power.
  • Make Portrait be the default mobile mode for browser (Instead of Chibi)

Major fixes

  • Prevent extremely long generation times for levels with twisted corridors
  • Prevent inconsistent HP value when casting spells with no magic power

As per usual, Ananias can be obtained from a number of different storefronts, and for a number of different devices:

Standard Edition

Fellowship Edition

But that’s not all! Slash also found time to attend GDC 2017 in San Francisco:

Last week I was at San Francisco at the GDC Expo, where I was able to join 11 other Colombian companies in the ProColombia booth and show Ananias to developers from all around the world.

I got some important feedback for the game and made some good contacts for potential future work. We also had a small roguelike developers meetup where I could share the current status of Ananias to other fellow developers and friends including Glenn Wichman, one of the original developers of Rogue, Tarn Adams of Bay12Games/Dwarf Fortress and Jim Shepard of Dungeonmans.

And, while in California, he also was able to attend the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash:

I also had the chance to attend the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash, four awesome days full of cool Ultima geekness including having Lord British play the game. He said it was fun!

And while the game continues to do well on both Steam and iOS — although Slash would like to see a few more reviews of the game on either platform, or both — it evidently is not one for GOG: rejected the game again citing the same reasons as two years ago. I got some useful feedback from them but it seems the game definitively is not a good fit for their store.

On the other hand the game is now available on the Humble Store, where you can get the game and support charity at the same time.

And if you buy Ananias from the Humble Store, 5% of the purchase price will be donated to the American Red Cross.