Shards Online: Steam Head Start, NDA Lifted & New Sanctuary Shard

Citadel Studios have partly relaxed the NDA prohibiting the release of Shards Online streams and screenshots:

We have really enjoyed watching people stream the game and share videos during the Alpha weekend.  So much so that we’ve decided to keep the party going! This means we need to make a few changes to the NDA and the playtesting environment for the game.

  • The NDA is officially waived for the official game client. (The big red download button on the dashboard)  Any information obtained while playing can be shared, including screenshots and videos.
  • Access to the Experimental Client will remain covered under NDA and is now restricted to Founder’s Level and up (75$+ pledges).
  • Our next Experimental Client release is scheduled to be posted by the end of this month.
  • The NDA is still under full effect for any new development. This includes:
    • Any information, videos and screenshots obtained while using the Experimental Client.
    • Any communication from the team regarding active development of the project.

Additionally, in the same update, they’ve given us an update on when the Steam release of Shards Online will happen. Which is to say: soon!

We are very excited to launch Shards Online on Steam in the upcoming months. A topic of discussion that has come up frequently amongst the team is how do we wipe the slate clean for Steam while still making sure the people who supported the project, the people who made this entire thing possible, get just a little bit of special treatment.

  • All supporters who pledge before the crowdfunding campaign comes to a close will get a 1 week head start on official servers prior to the Steam Release.
  • New and improved Loyalty Store.
  • Unique in-game titles based on lifetime loyalty earned.
  • Reminder: All loyalty points spent during Alpha will be refunded.


We will be providing additional opportunities to earn loyalty points in the coming weeks.

Additionally, Citadel Studios have spun up a second official mod server, which bears the name Sanctuary. Don’t let the name fool you, however; the ruleset on this server hearkens back to the old-school days of hardcore MMO gaming.