“New” Ultima-Inspired Project: Crimson Twilight

I should preface this by apologizing to the folks at Arkanix Labs; they first brought Crimson Twilight to my attention back in October, and I never got around to posting about it.

Crimson Twilight, then, is an RPG — the first in a trilogy, apparently — being developed for the Commodore 64. It cites Questron, the early Ultimas, Legacy of the Ancients, and The Legend of Blacksilver as influences, which should give you some idea of the sort of game that it is.

You can also find out more about it at the Arkanix forums; recent threads thereat give us a look at character portraits and sprites that have been created for the game, for example.

You can download a preview of the game from the newly-created project entry here, or from the game’s CSDb page. There’s no word yet on a planned release date for the game, but Arkanix do post regularly in their forums, so be sure to check there for status updates.