Ananias Roguelike: Version 2.1 Released; Submitted to iOS App Store

Slashing Dragon has released version 2.1 of Ananias, and has also submitted the app to Apple for listing on the iOS App Store.

Version 2.0, released last week, didn’t have many gameplay changes since 1.81 was meant to be the final version gameplay wise before 2.0, still there were important changes on User Experience. This version was released exclusively on Steam so other platforms will be upgraded from 1.81 to 2.1

Version 2.1, on the other hand, comes with important gameplay changes making the game much more challenging and making pets more useful. It also brings the big directional pad for mobile, a long requested feature.

As always, the free version of Ananias can be played right in your browser, for Android from Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and for Windows/OS X/Linux from itch.ioIndieGameStandGameJolt and IndieDB. The paid version of Ananias, meanwhile, is available for Android from Google Play, or for Windows/OS X/Linux from and IndieGameStand.

And apparently, the game has been faring well on Steam:

So far the game has been well received, with around 300 units sold this week

We need more reviews though! Please post a review there if you like the game, it’s really important in order for more people to notice the game.

IGS and buyers can now obtain their steam keys from either the game wallet or library, please contact me if you have any issue with it.

Oh, and there’s a new trailer, too (which can be viewed below):

Made for the Steam and iOS releases, the new trailer is now available. It retains the same script and voice over from the last one, but replaces the illustrated scenes with pixel art. The gameplay sections are of course updated too.