Unknown Realm: Five Days Left on Kickstarter; New Reward Tiers; GOG Release Possible

Stirring Dragon Games have posted a pair of updates to the Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Kickstarter page. The first update announces some additional reward tiers that have been added to the campaign:

…it’s time to reveal a few fun, new reward tiers. These are reward tiers that we planned before the campaign launched to roll out with the last week of the campaign.

You can read more details about these in the reward section and pledge or upgrade if you feel so inclined. Please note, these tiers will NOT be added to the reward matrix and are only available in very limited numbers.

New Reward #1: Collector’s Edition + NPC Portrait  – Exactly as it sounds, you can get a Collector’s Edition box (PC or C64) plus your likeness in the game as an NPC portrait.

New Reward #2: Collector’s Edition + Jester – Collector’s Edition box (PC or C64) plus NPC jester portrait, plus you can write some witty jokes for your jester!

New Reward #3: Collector’s Edition + Bard – Collector’s Edition box (PC or C64) plus NPC tavern bard portrait and write a song for the game that will be played by your bard NPC in the tavern.

New Reward #4: Collector’s Edition + OUTLAW – Collector’s Edition box (PC or C64) plus you as an outlaw in the game. You’ll have your portrait on a wanted poster, plus choose your type of outlaw from a list of options.

Additionally, they gave us a few details on the Bounty Hunter quests that were recently unlocked (these were a stretch goal):

Not everyone in the world of Unknown Realm is of upstanding moral character. Along your journey you may run into various miscreants, petty criminals and dangerous outlaws. You’ll come across wanted signs in different locations reporting the crimes of these nefarious fugitives and providing clues to their habits and last known whereabouts. If you are in need of gold and feeling up to the task, you can embark on quests to track down and apprehend these characters. Some might be easy to find, others may take you on journeys to distant lands. Because these characters may go by different aliases, you will have to use your memory to remember what they look like from their wanted poster and take note of any distinguishing characteristics about their appearance. Your stealth skill will come in handy in your quest to capture some of these ruffians.

The second update, meanwhile, contains a couple bits of exciting news:

We’ve been notified that we have been selected for “Projects We Love” on Kickstarter! This is more symbolic than anything else, but it should give us a modest boost in visibility going in to these final days of the campaign. It’s also a nice bit of recognition at the end of a long grassroots campaign.

More exciting was an email we received from GOG (yes! GOG.com!) asking us if we’d be interested in discussing releasing Unknown Realm on GOG.com when it is finished. Yes! Yes we would! As we’ve mentioned in the comments, we have always believed this game would be a great fit for GOG and it’s so cool to hear they’ve heard about it and think so too! Obviously nothing is final yet, but we’re so excited about this possibility! This would also mean that we will have an easy DRM-free distribution method for digital backers who prefer a DRM-free download option.

There are (as of this writing) five days to go in the Unknown Realm Kickstarter campaign, and according to Kicktraq we should probably still expect to see Stirring Dragon Games bring in around $100,000 USD. At present, they’ve raised $92,201 USD, so they’re certainly close!