Morgaelin (The Ultima 8 Demake): Still Alive!

Slashing Dragon has dusted off his demake — that is: taking a more modern game and remaking it using retro, tile-based graphics of the sort that characterized the first five Ultima games — of Ultima 8, Morgaelin, and has put some work into it:

Been done some small work in Morgaelin, mainly in the design side of things reverse engineering the plot based on different walkthroughs, but also worked a bit on adding support for cutscenes.

Exodus Destiny Dragon (a.k.a jucarave) also started taking a look at enabling the HTML5 version of the engine so it can be played in the browser.

We are planning to create a first version of the game going all the way to obtaining the Skull of Quakes

And, indeed, an early HTML5 version of Morgaelin has been released for you to check out:

Thanks to the efforts of Exodus Destiny, and after some always needed tweaking, Morgaelin has been updated to libgdx 1.9.5 from a veeery old version from around 2013.

One of the thing this allows is having a working HTML5 version, you can check the current, very early version HERE. (GIANT WARNING: DON’T BUMP INTO PEOPLE.. leaving the combat area may cause the process to hang!)

Click on through to check out Morgaelin in all its retro, tile-based glory.

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  1. Bane McDeath says:

    Yeah, my style of game. I love the u1-5 tilesets.