Ananias: Version 1.80 Released

Slashing Dragon also released an update for Ananias recently, bringing the game version to 1.80. Major changes in this version include:

A new title screen has been commissioned and thus a new deadline for the Steam release (2 weeks). Some important changes in this release include:

  • Weapons and armor can be used even if ruined, but they aren’t as effective
  • A first version of the intro is added
  • Guardians are now immune to most status maladies.
  • Watcher for game hanged to make sure the game doesn’t hang!

I’m also now using butler, the command line tool from, to automate the deployment of the new versions. Since it’s my first deploy using it I had to do some manual steps (setting display name, changing minimum price and delete the old versions), I supposed I will no longer be doing that for the next releases, since they will be tied to the preexisting “channels”, which are going to be incremental)

You can play Ananias for free, right now, in your browser, or you can download it for Android from Google Play. PC (Windows, OS X, and Linux) versions, meanwhile can be obtained from The (paid) Fellowship Version of the game, which adds a bunch of community features (in addition to being a way for you to support Slash in his continued development efforts), can be obtained for Android devices from Google Play, or for PC from

Full chance notes for version 1.80 of Ananias can be found here.