Ananias Roguelike: Version 1.78 Released


Slashing Dragon has released version 1.78 of Ananias, which brings a number of significant changes to the game.

But before we dive into the changelog, you can of course play Ananias right now, on a variety of platforms — just not Apple’s iOS*, for now — via these fine links:

The Fellowship Edition of the game is the paid version, which adds a number of community-oriented features.

Changes in this version of Ananias include: player character animations, an actual dungeon entrance, “move by tapping” (touch a floor tile to move), TAB-switching of weapons, two-handed weapons (and two-handed bonuses for some weapons), larger rooms to explore, multiple types of room per level, and much more. Click on through to check out the complete set of change notes.

* And, a word on the iOS port of Ananias: Slash’s development MacBook bit the dust, which has temporarily resulted in a suspension of his ability to work on the iOS version of the game.