Denis Loubet Has Released a High-Resolution Version of His Alternate Ultima 7 Box Art

Denis Loubet has released, to the general public, a high-resolution version of his alternate box art for Ultima 7: The Black Gate:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a link to the high resolution version of the alternate cover to Ultima 7:The Black Gate that I did recently for my Patrons on patreon. This file is suitable for making your own personal poster or tee-shirt of The Cover That Might Have Been.

Don’t thank me! Thank my awesome patrons who sacrificed their exclusivity and gave me permission to post this file for your personal enjoyment. They practically insisted on it!

This file is a large 5472 pixel x 7200 pixel CMYK jpeg. I have added 2 inches of black around the image to accommodate different poster sizes. There are many services that can print posters on demand, a Patron of mine has already used Vistaprint for that purpose with good results.

All I ask in return is that you retain the credit at the bottom of the picture and keep it visible.

As such, here’s a note of thanks to both Mr. Loubet and his many Patreon backers, for their generosity in allowing this image to be shared with the wider Ultima fan community.

Ultima 7: The Black Gate Alternate Cover

Denis Loubet’s alternate box art for Ultima 7: The Black Gate, created by request from one of his Patreon backers.