Slashing Dragon’s Project Idea Drafts

Slashing Dragon has been posting what he is calling Slash’s Project Idea Drafts (SPIDs) on his blog lately, outlining ideas he has come up with that he may one day endeavour to bring to fruition (and/or which anyone else is welcome to pick up and run with). The first one is called Concordia Tournament:

A simple 4-players hot-seat death-match game themed on the universe of Ananias, players would pick a class and try to defeat the others in 2D combat (similar to Towerfall). Art will not be pixel art but rather illustrations in chibi style.

The second idea, meanwhile, is called War of the Crystals:

A simple RTS in the world of Final Fantasy IV.

Players would choose a kingdom, which determines their starting settlements, units as well as access to special units. The map is randomly generated every time, similar to the FF4 Overworld. Players win by conquering all the castles.

Players starts with 2 workers and a soldier unit, as well as a castle and 2 towns or villages. Units are created in the towns, and consume gold which is obtained by mining caves. Villages create units slower than towns.

Towns and villages cannot be created but they can be conquered.

The third idea, meanwhile, actually has some relation to Ultima:

Remake Richard Garriott’s DND #1 as a classic Ultima game with an overhead tiled view, keeping as much as possible of the original game elements but making it a balanced and fun experience, while at the same time evolving it in a different way than Akalabeth and Ultima 1.

The objective of the game would be the same as in the original: Killing all monsters in a floor and then advancing into the next one (with tougher monsters). There are 8 floors.

A light plot, previous to Ultima 1 and Akalabeth, would be introduced into the game.

Floors would be generated with a layour similar to Ultima 4 SMS dungeons.

I’m not sure whether to envy or feel a pang of regret for Slashing Dragon: he has so many neat game ideas coursing through his mind that he has to start putting some of them out there, in this manner, for others to potentially take interest in and develop.