Ultima IX Redemption: More Poll Results and Thoughts


Corv has published another article in which he offers his thoughts on the results of the trio of polls he put up earlier this week.

It would seem that the isometric (or let’s just say “top down”, because most Ultimas didn’t actually use an isometric perspective) is the mos popular viewing angle:

I have to admit, when I, without much thinking, imagine Ultima IX or X (how it should have been) I automatically envision a gorgeous isometric 3D landscape full with things to do and stuff to pick up and move around.

However, when I start to think about it more I can see the advantages of a first person view in a game with gorgeous graphics. It’s more impressive, it is, potentially, more immersive too. Correctly done you can also implement a system that allows the manipulation of objects just as well as in an iso game, if not better. I am very torn between those two options.

And nobody seems to like minimaps:

It seems we are (almost) all in agreement here. I think quest goals on a minimap is something that is acceptable in a MMO but should never have been introduced into single player RPGs. It just takes away from the immersion and offers nothing in return aside from being faster playing through the game. But it’s not difficult to design quests in a way that it’s clear what to do without having to have marks on a minimap.

Combat styles, evidently, proved to be more of a mixed bag:

The initial poll showed that combat overall isn’t very important to you. This one shows that there is no clear favorite type of combat. I guess it also depents on the type of view the game would have and if the game would have a party system or not.

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