Richard Garriott’s SXSW Presentation: Personal Rapid Transit: Available NOW for Austin


If you’re going to be at South by South-West (SXSW) this weekend (and into next week), Richard Garriott is giving a presentation on Monday afternoon on the topic of Personal Rapid Transit:

Personal Rapid Transit is a transportation solution that offers, on demand, point to point, high speed and private transport in small electric “pod cars” on a network of raised guide-ways in an urban environment. This is no futuristic fantasy. PRT systems are now being built around the globe, and are safe, high capacity, reliable systems that can be built and operate at a small fraction of the cost of light rail and many other potential solutions. Best yet, detailed studies have already been commissioned, and Austin PRT hopes to build these for Austin, without asking any tax payer support!

The talk is being given from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM, on Monday the 14th, in room Continental 3 at the Westin Austin Downtown. Access is limited to those with Interactive Badges or above (and those retail for $1,295 USD).