Crowfall – Sales Ending Soon


Greetings Friends!  One of a few other games that are in early development that has me excited is Crowfall. WTF Dragon has posted multiple times on this game over the past year.  Now, while I have only been able to take part in one evening of PVP in Crowfall, I had an absolute blast crushing other players with fire as a Confessor.  With the news over the past weeks expanding on how the skill system and trees work and so many other facets, as a backer who has yet to finish paying off their account, I wanted to make sure all of you wonderful fans and viewers of us here at the Codex know about the Crowfall sales that are ending soon.

At the end of February, several things will be removed from the store or change prices.

  • The Collector’s Edition has been on sale for $150 for a few months. On March 1st, the price will return to the normal $179.
  • Kickstarter -> 2015 Upgrades: These upgrades are only available to people with a Kickstarter pledge package and will be retired after 2/29/16. When you upgrade from any Kickstarter pledge package to a 2015 package, you will retain everything in the original package, including stretch goal rewards.
  • 2015 Pledge Package Upgrades: These upgrades are only available to people who already possess a 2015 package and will be retired after 2/29/16.

If you want to upgrade or buy a 2015 package for a friend, please do it now. You can also layaway a package like I did, or upgrade and have 18 months to pay for it on your own schedule. Just like when the Crowfall team retired the Kickstarter packages last July, you’ll miss these 2015 packages when they are gone!