New Gallery: Richard Garriott’s Shamino Character Sheet

Those of you who have been vexed by the Ultima Codex’s user registration process — and hopefully those of you who haven’t, as well — should be well-enough aware that Richard Garriott actually has two alter-egos in the world of Britannia. One, of course, is Lord British…and the other is that good Companion of the Avatar, Shamino.

What you may not know is the origin of the character. Shamino, you see, was the name of the character that Richard Garriott played Dungeons & Dragons with (and, if memory serves, it was also his nom de plume in the Society for Creative Anachronism). And in December of 2015, Garriott revealed (on Twitter) what might be the first ever Dungeons & Dragons character sheet on which the character of Shamino was described.

Check Out the Gallery!

As always, the Ultima Codex is grateful to Richard Garriott for showcasing this bit of (distant!) Ultima history; from this character sheet (and likely more that came after it) sprung one of the most memorable characters in Ultima lore.

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    WtF Dragon
    WtF Dragon

    New Gallery: Richard Garriott’s Shamino Character Sheet

    A Dungeons & Dragons character sheet, on which Richard Garriott created the character called Shamino.

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    Helgraf dragon

    Five 15s and a 17. Yeesh, someone had hot dice.

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      I logged in to make just that comment, but Helgraf beat me to it. Given that D&D in those days was usually 3d6, in order… if Shamino was made under those rules he either rolled incredibly well, or made a lot of characters that got discarded. 🙂

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    This now answers my question of why Richard’s face was both LB and Shamino

    Check my entire Ultima series playthrough on YouTube:

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    Mercury Dragon

    Just to provide confirmation, Shamino is also his SCA name amd numerous characters in the games are also current and past SCAers including at least Iolo, who still sells crossbows at Gulf Wars each year, Gwenno, and Dupre

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