Download the Full-Resolution Scan of Helen Garriott’s Ultima 3 Box Art


You may recall that Richard Garriott recently shared with us his mother’s original concept for the Ultima 3 box art. Ultimately, Origin Systems didn’t use her artwork for the game; they went with a Denis Loubet piece that iterated upon her original design. But Richard Garriott held on to the original art piece, and created a very high-resolution scan of it…which he very graciously shared with the Ultima Codex.

You can find the full-resolution image — at a whopping 19417 x 25340 pixels — at this brand new entry on The Origin Gallery. Actually, you can find two versions of it: one that clocks in at around 130 MB, and another more compressed version that is only about 37 MB.

As always, the Ultima Codex is grateful to Richard Garriott for sharing this piece of Ultima development history.