Important Update to Richard Garriott’s Offer of Ultima (and Shroud of the Avatar) Completion Certificates

Original article:

Since not every Ultima game had a completion certificate, Richard Garriott — after being asked by Sergorn Dragon — has clarified the format that the new certificates he is offering to send out will take. Basically, for those games that had certificates, a copy of the original certificate design will be used. For those games that didn’t have a certificate, a congratulatory note will be sent out instead…unless some enterprising fans want to create completion certificates for the games that don’t already have one.

If any of you do make the effort to create a completion certificate, my suggestion would be to upload it somewhere — your own website, or to a service like imgur if you don’t have one — and then drop a link to it here; I can then bring it to Richard Garriott’s attention. Unless, of course, you’re on Twitter; then you can engage with him directly.